Artist : Diarsia
Genres : Deathcore, Diarsia, Extreme Metal, Hardcore, Metal
Format : Digital Download

Purge is the latest official single release from Diarsia, a Vietnamese Deathcore extreme metal band from Ho Chi Minh City (formerly known as Saigon), in the south of Vietnam. They formed in early 2020 headed up by vocalist Khang Nguyen, who provides perfect guttural vocals that power over the incredibly fast, tight heavy riffs.

This five-piece band have recently signed to the Dark Escapes Music label in preparation of releasing their latest single, ‘Purge’ in late July 2021. Purge is available here to own, or stream on all major platforms around the world.

Featuring in their current line-up are:

– Lead guitar: Xuân Khôi
– Rhythm guitar: Ming Nguyễn
– Bassist: Ty Phạm
– Drummer: Minh Tú
– Vocalist/Front man: Khang Nguyễn