Photos on the Wall

In the photos on the wall you look happier
You’re standing proud and standing tall

In the photos on the wall you gave me all of you
It wasn’t hard for me to fall for you

In the photos on the wall your face of joy
I always knew that you would fall

Then the photos on the wall disappear
Suddenly you locked yourself inside

Falling again
(In the photos on the wall)

In the photos on the wall you came back to me
The look in your eyes so colourful

There’s more photos on the wall as we grow
Hold my hand and I’ll be here to stop you from falling again
(In the photos on the wall)
Falling again

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Photos on the Wall

Release Date : 04/06/2021
Artist : Inspomia
Genres : Pop, Rock
Catalog ref. : DEM-21-00047
Format : Digital Download

Photos on the Wall is the second single from Inspomia, a project led by musician and producer Michael Lobb that integrates AI in the songwriting process. ​

1 out of 5 Australian schoolkids report being affected by bullying. 9 Australians die each day by suicide. Globally the stats are worse with a third of school-aged children reporting bullying. Suicide is the second highest cause of death in the 10-24 age bracket.

This song is inspired by the children and adults who have had their lives changed by bullying, from the schoolyard to social media. It’s a raw and personal account of appearing okay when you’re not. It provides hope and a promise that there is always someone there to hold your hand and listen.

If you are experiencing problems in your life reach out to Lifeline (131114) or Beyond Blue (1300 22 4636). If you are experiencing a life-threatening situation dial 000 or the emergency number in your region.

#EndTheHate #StopBullying

The team on this song:
Presh – Vocals
​Kyle Alexander – Drums
Michael Lobb – Guitar, Bass, Programming, Keyboards

Mixed and Mastered by Ian Miller of Melville Recording Studios, Adelaide
Video provided by Cottonbro