Virulent Host

Drawing on the influences from the first album and delving deep into different ideas, Apophis’ second album went places only briefly touched on in the previous album, bringing more doom elements to the table, more savage technical riffs and longer, progressive aspects to take the listener on a journey to the very depths of hades and back.

As brutal and aggressive as ever with Apophis’ music, this album also brought a sense of refined elegance to the music which had only been touched on in previous releases and more of a cinematic experience for the listener, something Apophis has always wanted.

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Founded in 2017 by multi-instrumentalist Aidan Cibich, Apophis quickly established itself as a metal force to be reckoned with, releasing the first full length album “Under A Godless Moon” at the start of 2021. This album would set the precedent of what Apophis is about, seamlessly blending styles such as melodic death metal, black metal, doom metal and post-rock into a unique blend of instrumental music, which can only truly be described with one word, ‘Apophis’.

The foundation set by the first album would be elaborated on in this sophomore album called “Virulent Host”.

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