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cover art for EP called Pieces of One by Australian singer-songwriter Nick West who is depicted in the image with an acoustic guitar over his left shoulder

Pieces Of One


po te chi pu

Cover Art by Aidan Cibich for Single, Primal Wound by Echoes In Eternity

Primal Wound

cover art for single called Purge, by Vietnamese Deathcore band Diarsia

Purge (Ngày Thanh Trừng)



cover art for Altoduo's EP called Revival with pretruding vinyl image and MP3 logo
Blue with white-dotted sqaure like a night sky and words Alto Duo Revival


Cover Art by Aidan Cibich for Single, Riven Bone by Echoes In Eternity

Riven Bone

Cover Art for album 'Sombre Romantic' by Adelaide Doom Metal band Virgin Black

Sombre Romantic