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Thanks for your interest in Dark Escapes.

To get in touch with us, please use the adjacent contact form
or you can email us here: sales [at] darkescapes.com

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Digital Distribution


Dark Escapes Music offers global digital distribution across dozens of online platforms. When you sign with Dark Escapes Music, we can also provide admin publishing services so that you can collect all the music royalties you are entitled to. Contact us to start the journey – #Escapewithus

New Arrivals

Digital Downloads

Into The Negative

cover art depicting a beastly head with shades of red and blue intertwined to create mixed colours

Not Anymore

cover art for EP called Pieces of One by Australian singer-songwriter Nick West who is depicted in the image with an acoustic guitar over his left shoulder

Pieces Of One



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Dark Escapes Music is an Australian owned company providing artists around the world with the opportunity to distribute and monetise their music globally.

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