Urban Orangutan album art cover with an orangutan swinging through a comic style cite
Urban Orangutan album art cover with an orangutan swinging through a comic style cite


About Urban Orangutan

The Urban Orangutan is an American singer-songwriter (a.k.a. David Fryer), who draws his influences from deep-seeded passions to raise awareness about the conservation of our planet, which includes all forms of life. A prolific writer, producing a style that can be described as alternative rock, Urban Orangutan blends a chilled vibe with an array of instruments over acoustic and electric guitars. 

Blueberry is Urban Orangutan’s first album, released in late 2018. This album is now available worldwide on digital format courtesy of Dark Escapes Music. Urban Orangutan’s upcoming album, ‘Humanimalistic Reign’, will be available for release in August 2021. The first official single just dropped in early June, called ‘The Fine Line’, also available on Spotify, AppleMusic, YouTube, and many more.


I am very pleased to announce the release of my second full-length studio album: Humanimalistic Reign. This album has a central theme and focus – the anthropocene – the era in which human activity has become a dominant force on the planet Earth, a time when our technology has made us incredibly powerful, but not necessarily wise.

The consequences of our civilization’s pursuit of infinite economic growth on a planet with finite resources have grown to a scale that is now impossible to deny with a clear mind and open eyes. The songs on the album explore a variety of topics relating to this theme: the need for a paradigm shift, personal and collective struggles for sanity in the face of radical changes, the inadequacy of traditional views about justice and crime in the modern world, the unique and precarious story of human evolution, acknowledgement of the loss of wild spaces and biodiversity we are causing, and a warning that the Earth is an organism and has an immune system just like we do.

This album, which I have co-produced with Alec Schachner at Ech Ech Recording Studio in Hanoi, Vietnam, is the biggest project I have ever worked on, the realization of some of my most cherished compositions, and it is a true labor of love for the both of us. It features performances from a long list of talented musicians, both foreign and Vietnamese, who came to the studio to record parts on it. It is a collaboration that demonstrates the wonderful potential of the community of musicians and artists that exists here in Hanoi.

Humanimalistic Reign will be released on September 8th of 2021.

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