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album artwork for Sprawl's album Sun in a Dark Sky
album artwork for Sprawl's album Sun in a Dark Sky

Album Release

Legendary groove metal KINGS from Adelaide, South Australia, have just made their album “Sun In A Dark Sky” available for digital download here on Dark Escapes Music. So, crank your stereo up to 11 and revisit some metal from the turn of the millennium.


Vocals: Sunny Prosser
Drums: Shamus Baldwin
Bass: Ian Miller
Guitar: John Skorin



In a time when it is difficult to identify music from mere “product”, SPRAWL has managed to capture the hearts and imaginations of people who support local, original music. The roots of SPRAWL‘s sound lie in the heavy music tradition, but incorporate the more subtle influences of trip-hop beats and soulful melodic vocals. The lyrics wrestle with the idea of finding beauty and higher meaning in an amoral world of greed and manipulation.

In the past SPRAWL has journeyed through many different incarnations of Adelaide’s music “scene”, managing to play with the likes of the Testeagles, Superheist, In:Extremis, Truth Corroded and New York’s Vision Of Disorder. SPRAWL has also released the CD ep Systems Rise in 1999 (now into its second run of 500) to follow up 1997s demo release Wanting to Know Reason. This year the group has included two songs on a compilation by local label Adrenalin Records (Profile: Unknown Quantity), as well as two songs on the soon to be released compilation, As the City Sleeps, featuring other local hardcore/metal/crossover bands. Songs off the CD ep and the first compilation have received national airplay on Triple J.

SPRAWL’s debut full-length release Sun in a Dark Sky was released in May 2001 to a capacity crowd, and has been selling strongly. Recorded at Soundhouse Studios and produced by Darren Thompson in late 2000, it is the bands most ambitious recording to date and demonstrates a new level of musical prowess and song-writing ability. Sun in a Dark Sky has been well received by both the public and the music press.


black and white photo from a low angle looking up at the band Sprawl
— Ashes On The Breeze (Teaser MV)

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