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About Echoes In Eternity

Hailing from Adelaide, South Australia, Echoes In Eternity was conceived from a chance encounter in March 2021 between ‘Apophis’ songwriter-guitarist Aidan Cibich and former Double Dragon vocalist Lee Gardiner (a.k.a. Liggy).

Impressed by the technicality of Aidan’s guitar playing, songwriting and overall composition with his solo act, a fire was reignited in Lee who immediately asked Aidan if he had any material he was working on that required vocals. Later that day, the early stages of Echoes In Eternity’s first track “Death To Self ” was tracked. The pair never looked back, and immediately began writing and recording their debut EP “Time Is Distance”.

“Leave The Pain” was the first track sent out to hard rock and metal stations throughout Australia, with their debut track having an immediate positive impact, debuting at number 13 on “Three D Radio 93.7fm charts, and being the only metal/heavy band represented that week.

During the writing process for Time Is Distance, Lee’s wife and multi-award winning Pacific Island vocalist Elena Baravilala joined the band to record some back-up vocals on tracks “Catch The Fire From The Sky” and “Runner And The Chaser”.

However, Lee & Aidan still required a suitable bass player and drummer. They turned to ex-bassist for ‘Double Dragon’ & ‘Acid Wolf’, Jason Moon, who also recruited the drummer from ‘Blood Covered Shovel’, ‘Officer Down’ and ‘In:Extremis’ timekeeper, Andrew Parkinson.

With the line-up now complete, Echoes In Eternity continued the writing process, refining their initial melodic death metal sound and adding more dynamic and groove, inspired by the classic metal and rock acts of the late 90s such as: Fear Factory, Faith No More, Sepultura and Pantera.

Given the global situation with the COVID 19 pandemic, the band was forced to turn down many live show opportunities, focussing instead on the studio as they did not want to become restricted by any government enforced capacity and crowd restrictions.

The follow up single to their debut EP was “To Show Resilience Defeats Humiliation”, a track heavily inspired by Fear Factory and Meshuggah. This song was sent to Dino Cazares, guitarist and leader of band Fear Factory, via twitter. Dino responded positively, giving it a public stamp of approval in a return tweet. The song has an incredible feel about it, seriously energetic with a beautifully crafted composition.

Throughout the back half of 2021 Echoes In Eternity (EiE) continued their prolific writing and recording. They also found time to pump out some quality cover renditions such as: If Looks Could Kill by Heart; Tourniquet by Marilyn Manson; and The Crab Song by Faith No More, all digitally released and available on all major streaming platforms.

Their debut full length release “Into The Negative” began to take some shape in September 2021, with the band wanting to dive deeper into a groove based, riff-centric heavy type material, that steers away from their original “melodeath” sound. They chose to focus on a heavier, more aggressive and dynamic sound with this new material.

While Echoes In Eternity is a very heavy and aggresive band, frontman Lee Gardiner lyrically explores messages and themes such as depression, addiction recovery, and resilience with a strong anti-suicide message threaded throughout their music.

With a rock solid rhythm section that draws on over 20 years of live experience, and the melodic, intricate and savage guitar work of Aidan Cibich, Echoes In Eternity are now poised and ready to cement their dynamic sound to lovers of heavy music in 2022.

But before their busy year could come to a successful close, Echoes In Eternity signed with emerging and dynamic Australian Indie label, Dark Escapes Music in December 2021. Dark Escapes Music will provide the band with much needed stability, guidance and publicity to help them move forward in a competitive industry that is still hampered by a global pandemic.

Echoes In Eternity are:

Vocals: Lee ‘Liggy’ Gardiner

Guitars: Aidan Cibich

Bass: Jason Moon

Sticks: Andrew Parkinson

Press Releases

Official Press Release - Echoes In Eternity 22 April 2022

“Adelaide Nu Death Metal band unleash debut album”

with Echoes In Eternity


It’s been 12 months since the formation and Echoes In Eternity have finally unleased their debut album, Into The Negative.

Echoes In Eternity v1.0 BW

Over the past 12 months since their formation, and the release of their EP Time Is Distance, Echoes In Eternity have been pumping out track after track. Each time, managing to discover new levels in their songwriting ability while exploring the boundaries within the various genres they have become known for.

Into The Negative, which arrives on April 22, is the band’s first full-length album. This album announces to the world that these guys mean business when it comes to producing solid content and reveals something quite unique for those taking but a moment to indulge themselves. Not just your Uber Death Metal band, these guys push the envelope and move the goalposts around as they see fit.

Rarely are we gifted with a vocalist who can provide such clean vocals buried deep within the guttural growls synonymous with this type of genre, then propel them from the hellish depths to offer something rather majestic. Aptly supported by a thundering bottom end and rounded out with masterful riffs and some very intelligent guitar work, overall, the album delivers on the core nuances of what heavy metal is all about.

It’s clear from the outset, beginning with their recent single Retaliate, that this album will rip your face off. Nevertheless, as one moves through the imposing journey each track offers, one discovers that it’s more about the removal of that proverbial old face, elegantly redefining it and slamming back in place to look all-new, ameliorated and better than ever before as it all ends with single Not Anymore.

Vocalist Lee ‘Liggy’ Gardiner has been very open about his intentions on the album’s theme. Collectively, the songs explore and address issues surrounding the rotting pain of various addictions in the world today, and the deplorable effects they have on not only the individuals themselves but also that which ripples out through family, friends and beyond. Yet, while the album explores this more sinister side of life, it also casts a slither of light on the importance of family.

As guitarist and co-writer Aidan Cibich explains, “Since day one this band has been family. The hard work we put into this album reflects that, but also reflects who we are as people. I couldn’t be more proud of this, from the songs, the artwork, production, every little detail of this album is something special, because it’s a reflection of who we are and where we are at right now.”

Heavy Weights, sitting midway in the tracklist, shifts to a different groove with the introduction of multi-award-winning Pacific Island artist-vocalist Elena Baravilala providing backing vocals. Elena is family, and her angelic mezzo-soprano vocals add a kind of glowing radiance to a song that explores the slavery and decay that hard addictions cause.

In all, Into the Negative is a massive step forward for this band as they work meticulously on always improving their craft. Echoes In Eternity are poised to become a firm favourite with metal fans far and wide and have already begun working on a number of tracks scheduled for release in late 2022.

Official Press Release - Echoes In Eternity 28 March 2022

“Not Anymore”

with Echoes In Eternity


After their recent single Retaliate, Echoes In Eternity have announced the release of yet another blistering single from their upcoming album, Into The Negative, due out in April.


This new single Not Anymore, was a last minute inclusion after the band was pushed to find one more track for the album. As the guys retracted to the studio, it took just a day to discover this incredible paragon. With a few tweaks and adjustments, the song was mixed and mastered before the week was out.

Not Anymore boasts a very strong message which focuses on the struggles addicts have, desperate to break free from an often life-ending cycle. The fight addicts have, no matter the addiction, is an incredible battle as they often wrestle with so many demons at once. It’s a war that few people truly understand.

In a statement from the band, vocalist Lee Gardiner elaborated on the matter sharing his insights behind the words:

Not Anymore is an introspective song which explores the topic of addiction recovery. Inspired musically by legendary acts such as Pantera and Faith No More, Not Anymore explores the side effects of substance abuse, with the chorus reinforcing a message that all addiction starts with a first hit, which unfortunately for some can spiral uncontrollably into undesirable situations, even death.”

With a blend of guttural screams, growls and melodic vocals, Not Anymore is layered across a backdrop of thundering riffs which lead you to one point, the blast-beat breakdowns before an ear-piercing solo that promises to raise the hairs on the back of your head.

Not Anymore drops around the world on 31 March, while the new album gets unleashed on 22 April 2022. If these first two single releases are anything to go by, it’s clear that Echoes In Eternity have announced themselves to the world as the reason the new genre #NuDeathMetal was created just for them.

Official Press Release - Echoes In Eternity 25 February 2022

“RETALIATE against depression”

with Echoes In Eternity


Retaliate, the latest track from Adelaide’s Nu Death Metal band, Echoes In Eternity, is set to explode a few eardrums from the 25th of February.

four members of Australian Nu Death Metal band Echoes in Eternity standing together in a grafiti-covered tunnel

The brainchild of acclaimed songwriter and guitarist Aidan Cibich of Apophis and ex-Double Dragon vocalist Lee ‘Liggy’ Gardiner, the dynamic duo have been joined by drummer Andrew Parkinson (Blood Covered Shovel, Officer Down and In:Extremis), bassist Jason Moon (Double Dragon and Acid Wolf), and multi-award winning Pacific Island artist Elena Baravilala as backing vocalist.

Now with their line-up complete, the Echoes in Eternity crew are proudly displaying their late-90s influence with Retaliate, which features the machine-gun rhythm section of Moon and Parkinson, underpinned by syncopated, razor sharp riffage from Cibich, and topped with Gardiner’s thundering vocals.

Vocalist Lee Gardiner explains that lyrically the song is a call to retaliate against the scourge of depression, anxiety and mental health issues plaguing our socially networked society today.

“It’s a reminder to fight the internal barriers we place on ourselves, to not surrender to apathy and acknowledge that choosing life can be a fight for some,” he said.

“If that’s you, we want to encourage you to retaliate against those barriers and fight with all of your might.”

The group has prodigiously released new music over past few months to rave reviews, including a recent tweet from metal legends Fear Factory calling the previously released EIE track a “Killer F@#%ing song”.

With the release of their debut full-length set for 22 April, Echoes In Eternity are poised to become a firm favourite with metal fans far and wide.

Official Press Release – Dark Escapes Music26 January 2022

Adelaide outfit Echoes In Eternity sign with Dark Escapes Music

Dark Escapes Music is proud to welcome emerging heavy outfit Echoes In Eternity to its growing music family.

Emerging out of Adelaide’s vibrant music scene, Echoes in Eternity (EIE) have developed a uniquely modern melodic, groove-laden heavy metal sound inspired by classic artists such as Fear Factory, Faith No More and Pantera.

four members of Adelaide Heavy Metal band Echoes In Eternity
Tweet from Fear Factory's Dino Cazares saying Killer F@#%ing song
Tweet from Fear Factory's Dino Cazares

The group has prodigiously released new music over past few months to rave reviews, including a recent tweet from metal legends Fear Factory calling the latest EIE track a “Killer F@#%ing song”. When tag in a tweet promoting the upcoming album, Dino further tweeted back saying, “Can’t wait to hear it.”


Initially the brainchild of acclaimed songwriter and guitarist Aidan Cibich of Apophis and ex-Double Dragon vocalist Lee ‘Liggy’ Gardiner, the dynamic duo released their debut EP “Time Is Distance” in 2021, achieving radio play all over Australia. The EP’s key single, “Leave the Pain” achieved high rotation on Adelaide’s Three D Radio 93.7FM, appearing at #13 on the charts in its first week.


Following the EP release, the duo were joined by drummer Andrew Parkinson (Blood Covered Shovel, Officer Down and In:Extremis), bassist Jason Moon (Double Dragon and Acid Wolf), and multi-award winning Pacific Island artist Elena Baravilala as backing vocalist.


With the line-up completed in late 2021, Echoes in Eternity returned to the studio to record their debut album “Into the Negative”, which is due for release through Dark Escapes Music in the first half of 2022.


Paul Leonard, founder and co-director of Dark Escapes Music says he is truly excited to bring this band onboard.

Echoes in Eternity are an incredibly gifted and talented music package, and they also have a clear vision of what they want and where they want to get to. We look forward to helping them achieve that vision,” he said.

“After hearing the demos from the new album, it became obvious that this group is going to make a serious impact in the metal scene.”


With the release of their debut full-length set for early 2022 (release date TBA soon), Echoes In Eternity are poised to become a firm favourite with metal fans far and wide. With Dark Escapes Music at their side, their potential is limitless.

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