cover art for single called Unwind by Altoduo
Album cover art for Altoduo's album, What Nobody Asked For - Singaporean MathRock

About Altoduo

Altoduo is a fun, experimental, instrumental mathrock band based in Singapore who explore a new-age style of content offering chilled vibes and aesethically pleasing music.

A collaborative product of experimental fusion musicians Winifred Tan, John Paul Kwan that also includes some regular collaborators such as: Nicole Tay and Jonathan Tu (for live performances). Altoduo has a unique musical expression fusing melodic bass lines with complex drumming rhythms and jazzy new-age elements.

Hailed as “Singapore’s bass-heavy mathrock duo”, Altoduo is signed to the Australian-Southeast Asian indie label Dark Escapes Music. The band has released 13 tracks to date, and often welcome collaborations with local & overseas artists. In the past, they’ve collaborated with artists from Singapore, Indonesia, Germany and the USA. Altoduo’s unique style has earned widespread attention, having tracks featured on podcasts, music blogs and notable playlists internationally.

Their audience continues to grow steadily, as their music regularly receives 1500 monthly streams on Spotify, with all time streams totalling over 25,000. Their latest album ‘What Nobody Asked For’ features melodic, chill and aggressive instrumental tunes depicting life’s optimisms, setbacks, and what our generation longs for. The album’s shapeshifting disposition sees a transition from the aesthetics of a summer breeze to an urban nocturne depicting a vulnerable side of the members, while revealing Altoduo’s unflinching, yet conceptual nature found in their songwriting forays.



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cover art for single called Unwind by Altoduo


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