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To Show Resilience Deletes Humiliation

Cover Art for Virgin Black's single 'Walk Without Limbs'

Walk Without Limbs

cover art for single called Unwind by Altoduo


rising hand in the middle with a glitch effect and black and teal background - words Insomnia, What Nobody Asked For, Part 1


Cover art for song 'In This World' by artist Inspomia depicting an Image of a beautiful beach and rising sun off the horizon

In This World



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An Independent Label

Dark Escapes Music is slowly growing as an Indie label based in Australia. Not only does Dark Escapes Music offer a platform to sell your music, but also global digital distribution, marketing, and music publishing through sister company Dark Escapes Publishing.

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Talented Artists

If you are a single artist, band or simply a songwriter looking to get your original music out into the world, then talk to Dark Escapes about how we can help you. There has never been a better time to utilise the strengths of global publishing and digital distribution.

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ice gems


A Life Away From Here



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Dark Escapes Music is an Australian owned company providing artists around the world with the opportunity to distribute and monetise their music globally.

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